Audio CDs by Mindwavescapes "Celestial Sounds Intertwined with Natural Brain Frequencies"

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"Mindwavescapes" - Natural Frequencies intertwined with Custom Original Music Audio Cds. Helps support in healing people with Insomnia, Cerebral Palsy, Alzheimers, High blood Pressure, Parkinsons and so much more. Subscribe to our youtube channel: http://www.youtube.com/Mindwavescapes

Posted by Michaels Mindwavescapes on January 26, 2011 at 2:40 AM 720 Views

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Reply Connor
10:38 AM on May 11, 2012 
What an incredible Video regarding your products. I was reffered to you because i suffer from anxiety & insomnia. I was told by someone who has gotten your Audio cds that they really do work. I am very interested & planning on purchasing your products now. The Video has sold me as well as the testimionals besides the fact that noone has been able to help me with my issues. Looking forward to experiencing the relief from these cds. Thank You
Reply Theresa Collins
2:57 AM on June 7, 2011 
I have watched your video and ordered the cd's, both of them I have a condition called Myasthenia Gravis which many people think at first is a stroke. There are not many doctors who know about this condition but I have a specalist who is fantastic.After I started using the cd's my doctor was shocked and amazed that many of my symptoms started to ease up. They have helped me so much and now my doctor wants to order copies forhis patients. I'm so happy you have the knowhow to create a program that helps the parts of my brain that needs help. I have told many of my friends who know about my condition how they help--they can tell something has gotten better with my condition. I am perplexed as to why the medical field has not studied this approach or maybe they have and don't want to share yet because of the regulations. I think I may send a set to the National Institue of Health and ask them why they don't do this. My condition is an "orphan" condition and I am so glad you have done something to call attention to it and in a way "adopt" it. I HIGHLY recommend your cd's to anyone who REALLY needs help. Read the label and then order these if you need help. I can't thank you enough for your wisdom and skill in helping people who really have nowhere else to go. I'm sure you will hear from my doctor soon. I will be waiting for your next cd's. Please let everyone know about them--I am and I pray for you and your divine inspiration every day. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I never thought I would be better. You have given me Hope and something, a new life, to look forward to. God Bless You.
Reply Chakrawavescapes
3:47 AM on February 13, 2011 
After Viewing this "Mindwavescapes" Audio Cds Video Presentation i
immediately obtained your Cds. Those "Mindwavescapes" audio Cds are
the real deal. Nice to see someone helping support in healing people,
as well as myself(clearing my mind,calming,refreshing,recharging & more).
Thank U. Very powerful Products you've created. Nice website!
Listen, Achieve & Believe. I Believe! You've helped me & many others as well.
I've told people about you & if you want help in Healing yourself, to go to your website.

I'm following you on twitter & I've subscribed to your youtube channel:

Thanks again, I'm proud to be a Life long Member & Customer.
Reply Brainwavescapes
4:43 AM on February 5, 2011 
After seeing your "Mindwavescapes" Audio Cds Video Presentation
i immediately obtained your Cds. Great Product you have out
there. Those "Mindwavescapes" audio Cds are fantastic. Keep up
the Great work in help healing people. Thank you. Very powerful
Stuff you have. Nice website! Your the real deal, thats right.
Listen, Achieve, & Believe. Beautiful. You have touched so many
lives in various ways & helped so many people. I'm proud to be a
Life long Customer.
Reply Chakrawavescapes
4:39 AM on February 5, 2011 
After seeing your "Mindwavescapes" Video, I am extremely
interested in purchasing your Audio Cd products. Great Video
presentation! As you say: Listen, Achieve & Believe! Hear it,
Feel it, Be it, Live it. I'm ready!!

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