Audio CDs by Mindwavescapes "Celestial Sounds Intertwined with Natural Brain Frequencies"


Quotes When i received CD#1 & CD#2 from Michael to listen to, I started listening to Mindwavescapes CD#2, "The optimum way to Mind, Body, spiritual health and well being" A couple of nights ago i was suffering from insomnia and about 3am I got out of bed and listened to the cd. It did relieve my mind of thoughts and put me in a calm mood and when I went back to bed, I slept like a lamb. So, thus far, the program is a success for me, and I am looking forward to using these CD's and this program in a positive manner, Thanks Michael Quotes
This Program/CDs was a Success for me

Quotes Thank u Michael, ur "Mindwavescapes" Audio Cds have really helped me & my husband. I usually have great difficulty in being able to sleep throughout the night, day 2 day forgetting where i've put things & my husband has had so much on his mind that he can't stay focused on his job & general tasks. Since we started listening to these beautiful "Mindwavescapes" Cds i've had the most peaceful, relaxing sleep ever & when i wake up to start my day i feel clear minded, refreshed, recharged & my husband has regained his focus in so many ways. He's able to again stay focused & attuned with his day to day tasks & has greatly improved at work aswell. In the past we've tried "other" supposed products that claim it would help but nothing compared to what u've achieved with these incredible Cds that u've created. U have changed our lives 4ever. Ur Loyal extremely satisfied Customers - Denise B. Quotes
Denise B.
Loyal Extremely Satisfied Customers

Quotes "Mindwavescapes" you have confirmed 2me that you have proved our theories. Your Doing exactly what this world needs. Welcome to the next level. These "Mindwavescapes" Audio Cds,as well as the Video Presentation on youtube are the real deal, evry1 witness it for urself & check out their website(become a member, Its, Free!): http://www.Mindwavescapes.com With their 30yr research from NIH they really have succeeded with incredible results. These CDs Work, buy them and listen for yourself. Your Original Music with using Specific Frequencies Dependent on where they're placed can & will heal. Listen, Achieve and Believe! Thank you,Your Loyal Member - IxonianSky Quotes
Thank You, Your Loyal Member

Quotes I watched ur video & ordered both cds,I have a condition called Myasthenia Gravis.After I started using the cds my doctor was shocked & amazed that many of my symptoms started 2 ease up.They?ve helped me so much & now my doctor wants 2 order copies 4 his patients.I'm so happy u have the knowhow 2 create a program that helps the parts of my brain that needs help.I?ve told many of my friends how the cds help-they can tell my condition has gotten better.I?m so glad u?ve done something that helps me.I HIGHLY recommend ur cds 2 any1 who REALLY needs help.I can't thank u enough 4 ur wisdom & skill in helping people who really have nowhere else 2go.I am & I pray 4u & ur divine inspiration everyday.Thank u from the bottom of my heart.I never thought I would b better.U have given me Hope & something,a new life,2 look 4ward 2.God Bless U. Quotes
Theresa Collins
God Bless U

Quotes I saw your "Mindwavescapes" Video Presentation (Beautiful Video!) regarding your audio cd products and have heard by so many people the value of obtaining/using your products to improve ones life. Very impressive video. I finally received them and boy was everyone right! Wow! Amazing. Thank you Michael, you've helped me in many ways including my mind, body & life. Anybody out there that want to improve your entire being, go get these "Mindwavescapes" Audio cd products. They are the true offical products that will help you so much, go see/get them for yourself. People, you won't regret it. I'm also following them on youtube & twitter. Spread the word. Proud to be part of this family & what were all doing for people all over the world. I'm a very Happy Customer. Quotes
A Very Happy Customer.

Quotes OK Michael, I don't kno where u came from but don't go away! I've been on a quest 4 quiet & non-nervousness 4 a very long time. I've used so many 'programs' & done yoga as well as every other 'technique' out there & spent some hard dough doin it. A friend saw these online & I looked then got them. Well, I am so thankful I did cause I have 2do nothin more than listen & I relax, actually relax as I feel the stress I was feelin go away. I use these cds anytime I feel uptight, afraid, yes I said afraid as we all get B4 we get angry. I discovered the key 2 holding in or lettin go of my anger! I'm thankful u were inspired to create these cds. Blood pressure is down & so is my cholesterol I can't explain it but I dont need 2. I just do it. They will help whatever ails u & please let me know when u make more cds. I lent them to my father. He was having the 1st signs of Alzheimers & he is rememberin things he never knew he had experienced. His doctor is amazed & so am I. Thank U - Johnny Quotes
Johnny Samuels
Happy Customer forever

Quotes Hello Michael who has created a minor if not major Miracle. I love these Cds! It was impossible for me to be quiet in my mind (as my therapist says) and after trying so many Cd 'would be's' for meditation and quieting the noise that keeps running around in my head, I finally found Mindwavescapes Cds. I could not believe it but I am finally able to be alive without the inner noise keeping me from my life. I listen to these cds & after I do I am actually peaceful & quiet! Amazing, and it is not just a passing thing. I listen at night and in the day if I have to get the noise to stop. I am not distracted by anything that tries to get into this head of mine. Try Them! They Work! Not phony 'meditation' Cds but the real thing for real people with real conditions of the mind & heart. Thank you so much for the freedom I feel. I will wait with peaceful calm for the next Cd to be released. Heaven sent music to heal and calm. Try them yourself, they work! --The Wise Soul Quotes
The Wise Soul
A Happy Customer

Quotes The "Mindwavescapes" audio Cds are hypnotic celestial sounds - allowing me to reacquaint myself with my psyche & helps with my health conditions(U.C. & high blood pressure). When i listen to the cds i feel relaxed, calm & helps me sleep. Restores harmony & tranquility throughout my mind & body. These cds are Masterfully done! Bravo!! Thank you. Quotes
Mona P
A happy customer forever

Quotes After seeing the "Mindwavescapes" Audio Cds Video Presentation i immediately obtained your Cds. Great Products you have out there. Those "Mindwavescapes" audio Cds are fantastic. Keep up the Great work on helping to heal people, as well as myself (refreshes, clears my mind & more). Thank you. Very powerful Products you have. Nice website! Your the real deal. Listen, Achieve, & Believe. Beautifully stated. You have helped me & so many others I've shared & told them to go to your website to get these wonderful audio cds themselves. Great Video Promo on your youtube site: http://www.youtube.com/Mindwavescapes. Thanks again, I'm proud to be a Life long Customer. Quotes
Life long Customer

Quotes Before I had the mindwavescapes cd's, I could not listen to anything for very long without getting this weird noise in my ears and head. It was not diagnosed as 'Tinitus' but I was told my inner ear was slowly 'going bad'. No medicine for it, no hope to have it "fixed". I Loved Life before my terminal ear problems started. After receiving the Cd's, I started to notice I was not straining to hear things like I was before.. HA. HA. How ironic (says my wife) She says maybe all the searching & spending was just to prove to my brain&mind & heart that true healing always comes from the heart to the brain & these Mindwavescapes Cd's are definitely from the heart. She said they had to be. I believe they are now too. She says they are "sounds of the heart & heaven". This world needs Miracles, and Michael, I do believe we have been touched by one, or many, through you. -- Sincerely, Don and Martha Samples Quotes
Don & Martha Samples
Happy,Healed & Listening

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