Audio CDs by Mindwavescapes "Celestial Sounds Intertwined with Natural Brain Frequencies"

Mindwavescapes "Celestial Sounds Intertwined with Natural Brain Frequencies"

Mindwavescapes Music has been designed to stimulate the brain to respond in its true functions. The more you listen to Mindwavescapes Music, the sooner the permanent repatterning of your brain will occur. These Musical compositions and their frequencies, target parts of the brain which control these functions. Listening to Mindwavescapes you will Enrich and awaken the optimum natural abilities inherent in your brain. Serenity, Freedom from Pain, Joyfulness, Clarity of Thought, Deep Peace, Inspiration… Transform, Energize and renew your Mind, Body & Spirit. While your Brain is developing in Mindwavescapes – The Stimulating Celestial Sounds of Heaven envelope and penetrate, Integrate and Stimulate your brain, causing it to Remember and Respond as if it had no limitations. The Ultimate Tool for brain/self restoration and rejuvenation. Mindwavescapes is a Transformational Journey to the Center of your Balanced Self. Experience the Power of your Brain working correctly.  Experience Optimum Physical, Creative and Emotional, Balance, Joy and Well being. Listen, Achieve and Believe.  Hear It, Feel It, Be It, Live It!

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Mindwavescapes"The optimum way to Mind,Body,Spiritual Health & well being"

Mindwavescapes will assist your mind in it’s quest to achieve the maximum balance and harmony possible in your mind, body and spirit. The Celestial Sounds of Mindwavescapes entice, support, retrain and restore your brain to work in Optimum Harmony & Alignment with its true power and potential.  The Music of heaven intertwined with natural brain frequencies, brings full functionality back to each part of the brain the specific piece is designed to stimulate.  Listening to Mindwavescapes you will Enrich and awaken the optimum natural abilities inherent in your brain. Mindwavescapes Music allows you to assist your mind/brain to enjoy all of the aspects of it. No limitations on what the highest level of attunements are. Each and every one of us, as humans, have the same parts to our brains.Those parts control specific bodily and emotional functions.  Let Mindwavescapes Music soothe, enliven, balance and allow you to control your own brain function. Take Control Now. Just Listen. You will enjoy the experience as you grow rich in your Brains efficient workings.

Frequencies are natural vitamins for the brain. The brain craves these sounds as our bodies crave nutrition, for balance and harmony. Allow Mindwavescapes Music to enrich your brain’s functioning ability while you experience the sounds of Heart Light and Healing, Music of the Stars and Beyond. Experience It. Believe it. We Are What We Believe Ourselves to Be. Tune up your Brain and your dashboard! Your mind /body, will not have that ‘check engine light’ for a malfunction. Then you tell your brain where and how you want to travel. Let your Brain engine take your body and mind anywhere you want to go. You are in Control. Gain control of your outer world with the Mindwavescapes Musical Journey. Regain the use of parts of your brain which you thought were lost forever. Bring control back into your life. Function just as you want to without any interference from old “programming” or “old behavior” patterns. You are about to re-program right over any diminished pathways and eliminate any unwanted brain patterns which have held you back till now. The Power is in your hands, Give it to your brain and be the boss again. Feel yourself come alive and at peace. Patterns are meant to be made and remade till they fit exactly what you need. Everyone is different but our Brains have the same elements. Our Brains do the same things – they control our Lives through our bodies and our senses. Mindwavescapes assists you in reinforcing the ‘good’ patterns and retraining the ‘bad’. Enjoy Life again. Discard the heaviness and bring into the light of Life all that you know you are capable of. If the body is able the brain will make it so. When in doubt, let the music of Mindwavescapes bring your brain back to life and in so doing, Live Again. Listen, Achieve and Believe!


                                           Inside Cover fold out

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